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5 Most Affordable Districts to Live in Portugal

Since the launch of the Golden Visa scheme, just 10 years ago, the most popular tourist destinations of Portugal have seen a property growth. The foreign investment boom has centered around Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve and the Algarve, where prices for property have increased dramatically from year to year. To date there has been a lack of foreign investment coming into the interior of Portugal and , as a result, the prices have been incredibly affordable, but it is now likely to change as the Portuguese government has recently revised the terms that apply to the Golden Visa scheme. From January 2022, the program will only be applicable to purchases made within the country’s interior, and this could trigger an increase in prices. Imovirtual’s online barometer for property allows you to keep track of Portugal’s prices for property district-by-district. The average prices for property across the country are rising by 6.8 percent in December 20, 2020. The prices rising in the inland regions could indicate a rising desire to invest in the previously under-utilized interior.

Table of Contents

  • Guarda
  • Portalegre
  • Castelo Branco
  • Beja
  • Santarem


The cheapest area within Portugal and the sole city on the list to have experienced a slight decrease in the average cost from December 2020 is the spacious, mountain city of Guarda in which the median property value is around 113,000 euros. The city of granite, with its bright streetlights and medieval architecture, may be a bit distant for some people However, the city is home to an old-fashioned centre, 16th century arcades with a cathedral, a museum , and an old Jewish Quarter.


It is located near close to the Spanish border, and on an incline of Mamede Mountains, Portalegre has seen a 12.5 percent increase in home prices since December. But that the average property costing less than 126,000 euros there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of bargains available. It is renowned for its rich industrial textile sector, Portalegre has a charming combination with Renaissance and Baroque structures. It is located in a national park, and the area around it is a perfect spot for walking and is home to wild boar and Eagles.

Castelo Branco

The prices of property in the former stronghold of Knights Templar, are only just a little more expensive than Portalegre. The capital city of the province of the Beira Baixa region in central Portugal The city features buildings dating to the 15th century, stunning churches, a cathedral and the remains of the Templar castle.


Beja is located inside the Alentejo region of South-East Portugal, Beja has an excellent rail connection to Lisbon as well as Lisbon. This makes it an ideal area for vacation houses. Beja’s location in the central plain makes the city an one of the most sought-after cities in Portugal in the middle of summer however this hasn’t stopped buyers and the average price of a home currently stand in the region of 140,000 Euros. The serene and peaceful old city is set in a modern urban area.


The city has been in use by humans since Roman time, the well located city has stunning views of the lush wetland of Tagus valley. The average property price shows an impressive growth of 9.2 percent in the last year. The price in December of 2021 was 171,000 euros. The picturesque old town rises towards the plateau through a network of narrow streets and staircases and ancient houses and churches, a monastery and an archeological museum.


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