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7 Productivity Hacks for HR Managers

You have many responsibilities as a human resource manager. Your day may be filled with many tasks, including interviewing and recruiting, conflict management, and team building.

Managers sometimes need help to keep up with the demands of an HR job. However, there are many ways to increase productivity and make daily tasks more manageable.

HR managers can use these productivity hacks to increase efficiency.

Your Inbox is your Masterpiece

Professionals have a love/hate relationship with their email inboxes. Emails can be read and responded to for hours. However, you could also get hundreds of emails daily if you use email as your main form of communication.

You can create an email-checking routine for yourself. Do not keep your email inbox open all day, reading emails as they come in. It will cost you precious time responding to them.

To tackle these emails, spend one hour each morning and afternoon. Then, use your email service’s “Send Later” feature if you have the time. You can send out responses at specific times and write them in batches.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is a problem. Recent research has shown that multitasking reduces productivity, increases errors, burnout, and leads to more stress.

It is essential to plan your tasks. Focusing on one study at a given time will help you accomplish more.

Spend an hour researching candidate profiles and then spend another hour engaging with them. Do not do any other work during those hours. Don’t even check your email or phone.

Focusing on one task at a time is best for your brain.

Use the telephone

It cannot be easy to express gratitude or seriousness via email or text. However, simple phone conversations with people can be more productive than writing an email or SMS message.

A simple phone call can be more personal and build a rapport with others. Set a time when you will make your daily phone calls.

Schedule social media time

Use tools such as Meet Edgar or Buffer to schedule and manage social media interactions automatically.

You can also schedule specific times to meet with clients and candidates if that is what you prefer. Social media, like email, can consume your time without realizing it.

Automate tasks with the use of SaaS or Mobile Applications

Slack makes it easier to manage team communication. It works without email and allows teams to collaborate instantly from any location.

Clearfit is an online tool that helps HR managers make better hiring decisions. The predictive analysis platform from Clearfit can answer questions such as “What do my best employees share?” or “Which candidate should I hire?”. This tool can reduce your decision-making time by half.

Online scheduling assistant makes it easy to manage meetings and schedule interviews. Calendly makes it easy to manage your time and set up appointments. Calendly will let you know when you are available so people can sign up for your open slots.

To ensure you are spending the right amount of time on a task or project, use a tool such as Focus Booster. This handy app allows you to set timers and track your work.

Do good to yourself

Take the time to exercise and eat healthy food. This will help you manage stress hormones from the workday. Also, make sure you get enough rest. It’s your body’s way to recharge and clean up for the next day.

Only work during lunch breaks. Do something else during lunch breaks, such as reading or talking about something with someone else or taking in the sights.

Finally, make sure to take the time and learn something new. Learners who are more open to learning tend to have better focus, set goals and have a better perspective.

Do not forget to delegate

Sometimes, recruiters and HR managers must remember to give other people tasks. You can delegate daily tasks to an assistant or apply online.

Your Turn

Find better ways to do your job. For example, you can delegate, use an app or relax so that you can focus on the next meeting with laser focus and efficiency.

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