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7 Reasons To Use Synthetic Oil For Your Car

If you have been recommended synthetic oil for your car, it’s a good recommendation synthetic oil scores over traditional mineral oil for many reasons. Synthetic oil results from chemical alteration and a lot of refining. If you are unsure about synthetic oil, here are some bases that will change your mind.

1. Enhanced lubrication: Synthetic oil molecules are free-flowing, being perfectly round geometrically. Conventional oil molecules are also rounded, but they do not reach the free-flow state of synthetic oil molecules. Therefore, synthetic oil is a superior option for the engine in your car because it easily lubricates due to unrestricted movement.

2. Withstanding Heat: Synthetic motor oils perform far better than conventional oils when withstanding heat. When exposed to heat in the engine, most oils thermally degrade. Synthetic oils function better in high-temperature environments like your car’s engine because they can resist heat better than ordinary mineral oils.

Whether driving in boiling heat or cold temperatures, synthetic oil gives you a leg over conventional motor oil. This is because it has been painstakingly engineered to work well in extreme conditions.

Extreme heat can damage your engine’s lubricants more quickly, which results in less protection and an increased chance of metal-on-metal contact. Because synthetic oil is more heat resistant, it doesn’t degrade as quickly in hot environments. Your engine will last extended as a result.

On the other hand, extremely cold conditions can thicken conventional oil, making it flow less easily than it should and resulting in inadequate lubrication for cold starts. Therefore, synthetic oil flows better when cold for greater cold start protection.

3. The engine stays clean: When using traditional oils, the sludge builds up after usage and travels to the engine pan. In contrast, synthetic oils burn much more cleanly. Synthetic oil keeps the engine clean by resisting sludge formation deposits and operating effectively in all conditions. In India, fully synthetic engine oil performs better than mineral lubricants.

One of the major functions of motor oil is to pick up deposits, which are then removed by the oil filter. With conventional oil, sludge will form after a while, which creates a real drag on performance and efficiency.

Sludge formation is much less likely when synthetic oil is used in cars. With fewer deposits, your automobile will function more smoothly because it can’t clog up the system.

4. Durability: Because they are created in laboratories, synthetic oils contain qualities that make them more durable. It can complete the circuit inside the car engine with a higher frequency than ordinary oils. This results in increased protection for the engine. The strong engine durability comes with improved protection.

5.Synthetic oil has a lower viscosity than normal oil, reducing the engine’s stress. The engine will last longer if its workload is reduced in this way because it won’t wear out as quickly. If you reside in a cold climate, you must use synthetic oil because it is thin and will make it easier for the engine to start on chilly mornings.

One of the extremely important advantages of synthetic oil is its higher viscosity index. When the viscosity index is higher, oil made of synthetic materials is more resistant to temperature changes. Additionally, since synthetic oils maintain a high flowability rate at low temperatures and do not thin out at high temperatures, this impacts their flowability. As a result, they form a thicker protective film and provide higher protection against wear and tear.

6. Helps old cars: Synthetic oil has high mileage, which is perfect for older cars. The oil will help renew the gaskets and the engine’s seals and will also work against leaks in the future. If you have an aging car, you must choose synthetic oil for the engine.

7.Best for high mileage cars: You will need to change the oil every 3000 miles with conventional oils. In comparison, with synthetic oils, you are suitable for at least 10000-15000 miles. This yawning difference in mileage seals the deal in favor of synthetic oil, giving you fewer mechanics trips and lowering the operation cost.

Today’s high-performance vehicles need synthetic oil for a reason. According to a sizable number of European and high-end brands like BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche, you cannot use conventional oil. Consistent and uniform coverage is achieved because each oil molecule may be customized to meet your car’s engine requirements.

Synthetic motor oil does affect the engine performance. Synthetic oil helps ensure the various engine components are covered and properly lubricated when you’re putting a lot of demands on your automobile, such as when you’re driving aggressively, towing a trailer, or carrying a lot of weight.

You need to look no further than EUROLIQUIDS if you choose synthetic oil for your vehicle. We produce India’s top synthetic engine oil and have many happy, loyal clients.


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