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I receive a message from the number 667-203-6635 (11:35 AM Pacific Time). Also, the person on the other end of the phone claims to work for Amazon security. He asked if I had purchased an iPhone for $729? I replied that I did not. The individual at that point , informed me the security of one of my digital devices was compromised in order to enable this purchase. He warned me not to use my PDA in any location where I have to use public WiFi. Then, at the point of disclosure, told me that Amazon requires access to my PC using an excellent program to free my PC from the harmful program used to make these purchases. (My formulation isn’t shrewd. I’m trying to convey on the actual developments of the debate.) I am then educated to utilize Safari and go to the site “” and snap on “download now”. I follow the instructions which leave me confused because I have to go into the Apple System Preferences before going to Security and Privacy to permit their application to control my computer. Another person who is an administrator needs to take over control by phone guidelines based on the fact that the initial person can not access “anydesk” to stack appropriately. I’m not sure because of the fact that two people I am having discussions with have a very different accent. I am able to get to my spouse who is in her work location and tell her to beware of Amazon using its software “” on her PC. She conducted a search and discovered the fact that this software is used to deceive. She is unable to find evidence any evidence that Amazon employs this method to resolve issues. I end the call and erase anydesk’s programming. Then, at this moment, check my ledger to see if there was a new installment for Amazon with a price of $729 to purchase the cell. There were no Amazon installments, which further proved the fraud. Then, I at the time, filed a complaint on an entry on the Federal Trade Commission Fraud site page.

I still receive back calls. Here is a list of numbers I have been calling:

2: 855-658-6637. Date: 7/2/2021. Time: 12:31 pm Pacific Time

3: 279-657-6632. Date: 7/2/2021. Time: 1:04 pm Pacific Time

4: 805-637-7243. Date: 7/3/2021. Time: 7:51 am Pacific Time

At the time, did an infection test on my PCs. Then, I ran I ran a malware examination.

Malwarebytes isn’t very much.

Bitdefender has found two trojan specialists BLKY on my IMac.

Note: Any Desk is an incredible real program that is believed to be used for illegal use by bad people. Don’t lower the value of this software as it could be used for an untrue purpose. Application Store has given this the 4.7/5 score which is suitable.


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