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Are you eager to take matters to your own with one-minded focus on your own public image

One of the most popular TV shows of the nineties was BBC Dragons’ Den.

Before it became an obscure show Dragons’ Den on BBC was a major crossover show – moving from business-oriented programming to mainstream entertainment – broadcast on the national TV.

“Really difficult winter” may be a time when supermarket shelves are empty for certain foods and beverage items

This is what made businesspeople take a leap of faith and leave the boardroom into living rooms.

I was the original pioneer and initiator of the concept that”the Celebrity Businessperson.

The Independent and The Times both ran reports on the subject by naming Lord Alan Sugar and Sir Richard Branson and mentioning me, Richard Hillgrove along with the new breed of telepreneur that came from Dragons’ Den , which I initiated and fuelled.

When I first quit my job as the Advertisement Controller – regional and international for Express Newspapers, for the world of PR, Duncan Bannatyne was desperate to make things the control of his personal (guided by my) public relations responsibilities and stay clear of the ‘committee-approach’ as well as the ‘win shares all’ method of the BBC’s own publicity department.

All entrepreneurs had to be treated the same in the sense that their position on the Beeb was concerned, with no exceptions!

Bannatyne was certainly not lacking all of it.

So was born a new kind of business celebrity.

The way Simon Woodroffe, the founder of Yo! Sushi in addition to BBC Dragon on Series 1 I once heard him say before delivering an address at an audience at Labour Party Conference in Manchester that I organized: ‘No one has ever created statues for committees’.

It’s a unified method that’s needed.

Elon Musk isn’t the only one who doesn’t hold the notion that he must accept to the demands of a previous committee on important decisions regarding Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and The Boring Company.

With the BBC returning to the beginning of Dragons Den in 2006 it was the norm that any interview with Dragons required three or more panellists grouped together on the couch for the form of a group conversation with an interviewer each sharing the spotlight.

The One Show was launched The One Show for the first time in August of 2006 I was able to get Bannatyne to the first solo interview for any Dragon on major television, a break away from the BBC Publicity department’s ‘group approach’.

He talked his conversation with Adrian Chiles his move from Ice cream vans to his nursing home empire, and also discussed throwing his former sergeant in the water. In the One Show interview got candid intimate, close and personal with the fire-breathing Dragon who hails from Glasgow, Scotland for the first time, in his own way.

This is the reason he chose me to become an official publicist for his private company.

Thanks to me, the concept of the famous businessman was born.

I recall I remember taking Duncan Bannatyne to the GQ Man of the Year Awards and Billie Piper came over and demanded an autograph from him.

There was a flash of blinking lights when the boy arrived to surprise but also complete awe.

Then I added Duncan onto Sport Relief and made him into a cross-over star.

I heard Bannatyne on Newsnight in the newsroom, slamming Madonna for adopting 13-month-old Baby David from Malawi on the assumption the fact that Jeremy Paxman would guarantee to identify his new book. Anyone Can Do It: My Story.

Bannatyne would return home shortly after interviews to say “Book sales are increasing in Amazon’.

Panel show on channel 4 8 Out of 10 Cats with Jimmy Carr got completely out of control with Duncan calling out his book’s name at minimum 10 times in an appearance I arranged for him, to the complete surprise of other panellists.

What is the reason you should not listen to my advice in any way?

I’ve been there, bought the T-Shirt and lived recount the story.

It’s the forensic inner workings of the persona that media portrays and the Celebrity businessman, such as the Dragons that eventually had entrepreneurs scrambling to discover the secret to their success and securing every book they wrote.

The page of James Caan’s autobiography from 2009 The Real Deal My Story from Brick Lane To Dragons’ Den, or his 2012 book Start Your Business in 7 Days, is mostly an attempt I believe to break the code of success in the media and financial world.

What’s lacking from these autographies will be the DNA codes for their identities projected on the media , and how they are easily changed up, down and even flight paneled.

A strong media presence aids in every aspect of business, and in the most anticipated ways.

When I first began cooperating together with James Caan CBE during his initial series on Dragons’ Den I asked him how being a Dragon has changed everything for him in relation to the purchase of a house.

In the event that he bid to buy an apartment in Grosvenor Square in London and was on TV, he instantly ensured that his place at the top of the list of prospective buyers instead of being at the bottom of the queue.

Media personas unlock doors.

You’ll learn how, over the next months, by using my methods, you too can propel your image into the international and national media scene, just as did The BBC Dragons and countless other high-profile entrepreneurs.


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