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China deaths from the earthquake rise as the roads leading to epicentre reopen

At the very least, 74 people were dead in the massive earthquake that hit China’s Sichuan province. There are 26 still missing , and 259 wounded.

China has reopened the roads that lead to the epicenter in Monday’s 6.6 magnitude earthquake that struck the region of Sichuan and the traffic has been reopened and the death toll is now up to 74.

Additionally to that, 259 people suffered injuries in the catastrophe, while 26 people were missing at the time of writing on Tuesday night. the state-owned press People’s Daily reported on Wednesday.

The most powerful earthquake to strike the province since the year 2017 destroyed many buildings and caused extensive destruction to the water and power infrastructure, as well as telecommunications.

Rescuers rushed to assist the stranded, restore power and provide emergency assistance and aid to 11,000 residents who were evacuated from Luding county, the area where the quake occurred.

The early hours of Wednesday, China Earthquake Networks Centre recorded an aftershock with a magnitude of 3 near the epicentre, with the depth that was 12 kilometers (7.5 miles).

Emergency efforts were continuing with the weather forecasters warning of the possibility of rains that could be heavy across the region up to Friday. (AP)

Lockdown in Chengdu

Authorities in China’s southwest region of Chengdu have been able to enforce strict Covid-19 lockdown measures in this city that has a population of over 21 million, despite the earthquake that struck the nearby province of Sichuan.

The quake hit the mountainous region located at the edge of the Tibetan Plateau roughly 200 kilometres (125 miles) from Chengdu in which tectonic plates grind against one another.

Constructions in Chengdu as well as other areas west of China were shaken by the earthquake of Monday. The damage wasn’t found in the city.

The video that was posted online on Tuesday showed employees wearing top-to-bottom protective equipment stopping residents of apartments from exiting their locked lobby doors after the earthquake.

While only recording just a few incidents that Chengdu’s lockdown was the most severe since China’s biggest cities of Shanghai was shut down during the summer months, triggering unusual protests in person as well as on the internet.


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