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Ericsson and BT join forces to push 5G for multi-million pounds

Today, Ericsson and BT announced a multimillion-pound joint partnership to supply 5G Private Networks commercially in the UK. This is the first such agreement in the country.

The multi-year agreement between telecommunications companies and technology companies will allow BT to sell next generation mobile network products to organisations and businesses in various sectors, including manufacturing, defense, education, healthcare, transport, logistics, and retail.

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This deal comes after BT announced that it would invest almost PS100m in its ‘Division X unit over the next three-years to accelerate the development and delivery of customer solutions that integrate emerging technologies such as 5G, Edge Computeute, Cloud, AI, and IoT.

Private networks are wireless solutions that offer secure indoor and outdoor 5G cell coverage. They are suitable for many uses, especially in large environments like factories and education campuses, where security and low latency connectivity are critical.

A private 5G network can enable new applications and IoT capabilities to increase productivity, optimise operations, and drive cost savings. This includes asset tracking, predictive maintenance, connected sensor, real-time data processing and automation.

A forecast by MarketResearch shows that 5G Private Networks will grow at an average rate 40 percent per year between 2021-2028. This would mean that the market will reach $14 billion (PS10.7bn)

Marc Overton is BT’s Managing director for Division X Enterprise. He said that this landmark with Ericsson was a significant milestone. It will help businesses transform and usher in a new era in hyper-connected spaces.

Ericsson UK & Ireland CEO Katherine Ainley stated: “This groundbreaking agreement with BT means that we are jointly playing a leading role to ensure 5G has a transformative effect for the UK.

Ericsson Private 5G’s high-quality, fast, secure connectivity can be a boon to organisations. It can also help them make more efficient business decisions that will lead to safer, more productive and sustainable business operations.


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