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At this point, anyone that is a bit famous should stay clear of Clubhouse entirely. The voice chat application has brought about a fair amount of issues since its launch and has seen Mulatto pulled over for alleged colorism, to triggering an argument among Meek Mill and one of the participants in his chat, to changing Nicki Minaj’s supporters towards Tiffany Haddish for criticizing the rapper’s perceived rudeness. The latest celeb to be in hot water because of an Clubhouse chat has been Miami rapper Trick Daddy, who recently caused the most acrimonious beehive — or, more accurately the Beyhive.

When Trick presented the “unpopular opinion” about Beyonce’s connection to R&B music It didn’t take long for the screen-recording to become a viral meme on Twitter which turned Trick Daddy — and the furious responses he received into a hot subject. “Beyonce ain’t trying to give back to music and Beyonce don’t write music,” the singer said. “Beyonce can’t sing.” He explained the reason behind making such a bold claim by in a remark that compared Beyonce with their husband Jay-Z. “”Beyonce has to R&B the same thing as Jay-Z has been in New York. New York lost Biggie and they desperately needed an icon.” His remarks were repeated by other participants in the chatroom, however because he’s the most well-known name to the chat, it was his comment that received the most ire on Twitter.

In all honesty opinion pieces are dozen on social media. And it could be that he isn’t enjoying how Beyonce sings. In any case, Trick Daddy doesn’t seem to be the kind of person to be a shrewd judge to online rants. Unfortunately for his it seems that the Hive always find ways to use their online bullying an more heft In this case it appears that they’re trying to lower the popularity of the establishment on Google.


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