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Have fun this year with a trip to Greece

2022 is coming! What better way to treat yourself to an excursion to Greece? This cold winter season addCar takes you on a voyage of discovery in this stunning country, with its beautiful Mediterranean scenery and long culture.

Because Greece isn’t just about beaches and summertime In winter, you can sit in an evening in a cozy chalet because Greece has numerous villages within the mountains. Did you have any idea? Skiing is also possible in Greece like in Kalavrita as well as Mount Parnassus. Also, you can visit the region of Thessaly to see the meteorite monastery A rock formation which offers stunning views.

Table of Contents

  • Get the Most Out of Your Stay by Renting a Car
  • Make your Road trip preparations in advance
  • We Provide Vehicles Tailored to Your Needs

Get the Most Out of Your Stay by Renting a Car

While Greece draws tourists from all over world because of its stunning coastline but the interior of the country isn’t devoid of charm with its valleys and mountains. This natural landscape is popular with travelers, but there is a downside: the transportation options rapidly become more restricted. To be able to go wherever and whenever you wish, a vehicle is likely to become an indispensable device if you are looking to explore the natural landscape.

If you’re planning to rent a vehicle in Greece AddCar will tell that you what you must be aware of before embarking to Greece.

Make your road trip plans in advance

You’ve reached Greece and you are prepared to go on a journey of a lifetime. For your trip on the road it is crucial to be prepared prior to departure.

The first step is to think about the documents you have. You’ll require valid driver’s license for 2 years and be at least 23 years old. Be aware that Greece is part of the European Union, so if you’re an European citizen the driving license you have is sufficient. For other drivers, you’ll require an international driver’s license.

Secondly, you are lucky! AddCar is available in 26 locations throughout Greece. We’re in major airports as well as the cities. This lets you plan your trip more efficiently and manage your stops throughout the nation.

Don’t waste your time! Car rentals are highly rated in Greece Even in the off-season and the most expensive models are the ones that always depart first. This is why it’s highly advised to reserve your car prior to your trip if you want to make sure you’re able to drive through the streets of Greece.

We Provide Vehicles Tailored to Your Needs

The process of choosing a car rental isn’t easy. Everyone has their individual driving habits and motor or gearbox preferences. Additionally, your needs will differ based on whether you’re on your own or with family or with your family. We at addCar consider all of these aspects into consideration to provide the best vehicle to meet your requirements.

In fact, we offer many vehicles that are suited to all kinds of budgets and our clients need specific requirements. We offer a budget-friendly compact selection for people on limited funds. The SUV and vans are suitable for family outings. There are also luxury vehicles for those who love stunning automobiles.

In addition, we offer manual and auto-driven automobile models to satisfy everyone’s needs.


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