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How China Has Added to Its Influence Over the iPhone

Apple is making tiny steps towards India. But the release of its latest smartphone which is scheduled for launch on Wednesday, shows how challenging it is to make significant modifications.

In the season, Apple will make some of its most popular iPhones outside of China at first. It’s which is a minor but significant shift for the company that has created one of the world’s most advanced supply chains around the globe with the help of Chinese authorities. But the design of the iPhone 14, which is set to be revealed on Wednesday, demonstrates how complicated it is for Apple to completely separate its relationship with China.

More than ever before, more than ever, Chinese workers and partners performed complicated work and advanced components to the 15th anniversary of its most popular device, including the design of manufacturing, speakers, and batteries According to four sources who have been around the new operation and analysts. This means that the iPhone has changed from being an object that was developed in California and manufactured in China to becoming an invention of both countries.


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