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How many Twitch subscribers do you need to make money?

Anyone can follow you on Twitch for free, but the platform allows users to subscribe to streamers they want to support financially. 

There are three subscription options: Tier 1 ($4.99/month)

Tier 2 ($9.99/month)

Tier 3 ($24.99/month)

Twitch is known for giving famous streamers 70% of subscription revenue, but for the average streamer, Twitch takes 50% of the subscription revenue. Twitch splits half of the revenue, but subscriptions still make up the majority of most streamers’ revenue. The most significant incentive for users to upgrade to Tier 2 or Tier 3 is the exclusive offers offered by streamers. The only limit is your imagination. Many streamers offer perks like following subscribers on their social media, visiting their private Discord channel, and giving away product giveaways. 

A typical “expert” streamer earns $3,000 to $5,000 a month, playing 40 hours weekly. The average streamers earn approximately $250 per 100 subscribers or $3.50 per 1,000 views in ad revenue. To earn money on Twitch, you need 500 regular viewers. Twitch streamers have 50-100 subscribers and average viewers and subscribers. You can earn anywhere from $50 to $1,500 per month, depending on how many Bits you have. “Real money” increases when you get adequate viewers to earn money from advertising, revenue and subscriptions.

The bigger the Twitch streamer, the more likely they are to have sponsorships, which can significantly increase their income. This is an additional source of income in addition to advertising revenue, subscriptions, donations and game sales. As you can imagine, the more sources of income you have, the more you can earn. If you are getting 1,000 views per Twitch stream, you are doing pretty well. If the viewers are 1,000, the income depends, among other things, on the number of subscribers and the frequency of streaming. If half of your viewers (500) subscribed to the lowest tier subscription ($4.99), you would earn a whopping $1,247 per month from your subscription. This figure does not include advertising revenue. However, you can earn more from advertising, subscriptions, donations and sponsorships. The more viewers you have, the more money you can make per subscription and through sponsorships. 

How do Twitch ads work?

Like YouTube, Twitch uses CPM (cost per mile) to calculate advertising revenue. CPM is the amount paid for every 1,000 views. Amounts range from $2 to $10. Easily place ads before, during and after delivery. Go to your Creator Dashboard and select Run 60-second ad break under Quick Actions.

You can run ads from 30 seconds to three minutes and adjust ad length.

You can let Twitch decide when to show you ads, but tweaking them improves the viewer’s experience for many reasons. Publishing ads in distant communities increases the likelihood of your audience staying, resulting in steady viewership and increased ad revenue. Set up ad breaks during slow moments or between games to Ensure your viewers get the action.

How to get more subscribers on Twitch

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate can attract more subscribers to your channel, but the surest way to grow your viewership is to build a sense of community.

Be dependable. Not everyone will watch every stream, but if you can schedule a stream, viewers will be updated about where and when to find you. Whether you keep to a regular schedule or a calendar you post monthly to social media, it’s one less thing a potential viewer needs to remember.

Interact with your audience. Most successful streamers have a Discord channel and social media presence, from Twitter to his TikTok to Facebook. Build a Discord community as you get started on Twitch. You can also host events, play games with your audience, and provide even more value using Discord. You can also run giveaways and contests, which create a sense of connection and community between you and your audience and keep them coming back.”

Please accept feedback. As your audience grows and changes, you may create content your audience wants to avoid seeing. If you try something new, post it on social media and ask for feedback. Survey your viewers and subscribers to learn what they like and dislike.

Optimize profile. As with cross-posting, all profiles should be current and relevant. Many websites only allow one link, so consider using a link hub such as Link tree or Linkin.  Select the appropriate game to stream. “Game selection is crucial for new streamers.

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