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How to Create a Social Media App?

The potential of social media applications like Facebook or Instagram isn’t a new concept to any one. If you’ve ever thought about developing an application, it must likely be a social network one.

Social media applications are simple to build due to the numerous applications and apps builders online that you can utilize at no cost. You can also look for app developers, however, this would be extremely expensive. This is that we will provide you with a glimpse at the steps to build social media apps. So, let’s take a dive into the app and reveal the details.

Table of Contents

  • Do Social Media Apps Have Any Scope?
  • Options for Building Social Media Apps
    • Let’s see the options available to you for creating your own social media application.
      • Open-source software
      • Complete development
      • SaaS platforms
      • CMS platforms
    • Important Features for a Social Media App
      • Notifications
      • Newsfeed
      • Profile
      • Navigation tab
      • Chat
      • Posts
    • Create a Social Media Application using Owlab

Do Social Media Apps Have Any Scope?

Today, the apps that have the greatest potential are those that use social media. The people are taking technology as an integral part of their lives and that’s why Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are valued at billions.

If you are able to create one of these apps that is successful, you could make a difference in the world, but you must make sure you are able to envision the goals behind this app. With regards to the their scope, social media applications offer a wide range of possibilities.

The environment the app have created has become quite sophisticated. We are now entering into the Metaverse, apps for social media can be a vital element of the digital world and help us create our own identities.

Not only are these apps wide-ranging however, they’re much more profitable than other application, and it would not be prudent to choose another option in a time when social media apps offer plenty of potential.

Options for Building Social Media Apps

The days when you needed to learn specific coding skills to create any type of app have gone. Today, you can create it in a couple of clicks. The methods that do not require code to create these applications are becoming more well-known these days since they’re fast and don’t require you to master the specific language of computers.

Let’s find out the options available to build your social media application.

Free-of-cost software

Open-source software is very popular nowadays, and they are available in a variety of types, whether free or paid. If you download software, you’ll be able to make further customization and can modify your software to as you like it.

However, in this kind of application development you will need to pay for hosting and hiring a developer. Open-source software is not very good with regards to customer support as well. If you’ve got the hosting issues and development in order, opt for open-source software.

Complete development

If you’re going to complete development, that means you’re building the application completely from scratch. It won’t require an enormous amount of time into it since all you have to do is engage an expert app developer. It could be expensive, but it will allow you to create the app exactly how you’d like it.

SaaS platform

SaaS solutions are among the most popular ones to create apps. You don’t require any programming skills however, you’ll be able to create an app that is reliable for social media. You could also make use of SaaS solutions to manage the marketing and promotion for your application.

CMS Platforms

CMS platforms are an extremely cost-effective option for those who you’re looking to learn how to develop an application for social media with a limited budget. You can find free plugins however CMS platforms could have many issues and glitches, which is why you should not use them as your primary choice.

Important Features for a Social Media App

You now know how you can create an app for social media. It is equally essential to understand the features that are essential to the app. You must ensure that you include all these features and nothing can hinder your app from standing in the top position.


The option of receiving an email when someone likes your photo or post is important. It is important to ensure that users receive a notification on their phones even if they’re inactive on the application, as Facebook and Instagram do.


There’s nothing more enjoyable then scrolling your feed. If your application doesn’t have a feed and it’s not updated, it’s going to look a bit bare. Users can view exactly what their relatives and friends are sharing on their newsfeed and this is an essential feature.


Profiles are the primary element that must be included within your app. A properly designed and customized profile is usually comprised of the user’s name and picture and bio. Be sure to provide them with options to make it more individual If they would like.

Navigation tab

A navigation tab should be included within all social media platforms since it makes it simpler users to locate their acquaintances. It also allows them to search for topics and groups they’re interested in which is crucial to the online community.


Certain apps didn’t offer chat options initially, but as the increasing popularity of messaging users began to integrate chat features within their social media applications as well. Make sure you have a distinct chat tab or a chat appear right on your home screen.


The entire purpose of social media applications is to communicate information, which is now possible thanks to the most advanced options for posting. Your app’s users are able to share images, videos, or plain text as well, which makes it easy for the app be popular. The posts must be able to integratewith:

  • Images
  • Links
  • Attachments
  • Lists
  • Text
  • Videos
  • Stickers
  • Emojis

Create a Social Media App using Owlab

If you are wondering how to make an application for social media, Owlab is willing to assist you in this task. We are a software development firm initially established in Ukraine however, we have been growing since then and we’re executing our business in Estonia and Estonia as well.

We are experts in app development and have a specialization in retail, blockchain health, healthcare and many more. Contact us with your requirements in order to create your app in a hassle-free manner.


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