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How to Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Your Body

Nowadays, the trends are changing with more speed than ever. What yesterday was normal style might be trending today. But out of all the most important thing is your body fit. Your clothes look pretty when they are rightly sized and perfectly fit over your body. Not only it makes you look good, but also it makes you feel more confident too. 

So to make it easy for you to spot the right fit according to your body type and shape, we are writing this blog that tells you how you can easily spot the clothes that look best on you. We define the body type to make it easy for you to choose the right clothes. 

To get started, let’s discuss the female body sizes 

Female body sizes 

There are five types of female body types, as discussed below: 

  • The inverted triangle body shape 

As shown in the image below, this type of body shape is known inverted triangle. In this type of body, you don’t have much space of definition between your waist and your hips. If you are thinking about the ideology behind naming this body type as the inverted triangle, then the real reason is that your shoulder is more comprehensive than your hips in this body shape. 

Inverted Triangle Body Shape: A Comprehensive Guide | the concept wardrobe

For this type of clothing, you are advised to avoid necklines Bardot, halter-neck tops, big shawl collars, boat-neck, or any clothes having larger patterns over your entire body. You are advised to accentuate the bottom half or short patterned clothes over your top to get the perfect fit according to your body type. 

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  • Triangle or pear Type Body shape

You might be surprised to know the shape of these body types. A pear shape body is identified if you have a wider lower body, i.e., wider hips and shoulders less wide. Anyone with this body type should wear clothes that quickly draw attention to your top. As you have less broad shoulders, you can take help from the bright colored clothes to gather attention. 

Pear Body Shape: A Comprehensive Guide | the concept wardrobe

Moreover, in this way, you can maintain an adequately fitted look by wearing the same clothes as your body size. Moreover, if you are comfortable with a push-up or padded bra, then you can wear it as an innerwear to have a magical fit from top to bottom.

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  • The rectangular shape body 

As the name says, the rectangular body shape has the same length as the shoulder and hips, while you’re waistline is also regular not. This body shape is one of the best body shapes that people wish to have. It’s also known as the athlete’s body shape. You are more likely to enjoy a vast number of clothing products with this type of body shape; you need to get in the right size according to your body. 

With this body, you have a vast number of options to choose from, from loose to fits, or medium-fitting pants will look good over you. Be sure to wear soft fabric clothes as they can help in enhancing your look. 

  • Hourglass Body Type Shape 

The hourglass body type shape is pretty definable by its name. In this body type, the body shape is like a bottle of an hourglass. The shoulders and the hips have the same width, while the waist has a lesser width. Waist being the slimmest part of your body, you’d want to accentuate your body. 

Hourglass Body Shape: A Comprehensive Guide | the concept wardrobe

With body type, you need to lose shapeless or baggy clothes as they will look loose over your body. You can opt for a boat neck, scoop neck, and types of clothes, as these will provide a bustier look to your body. 

  • Rounded shape body 

The round shape body is also known as the apple body shape. This type of body has a comparatively wider upper body compared to the lower body, while the waistline is not properly defined, creating a difference. The definition got a little lack up from the hips upside, while the waist is of perfect length, providing a good grip over your clothes. 

The best clothing options for this type of body are tops and jackets. Moreover, also you need to avoid clothes that gain too much attention. You can get a well-balanced look with well-fitted, well-tailored tops and jackets. Make sure these are not skin-tight. 


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