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How to Wear Cufflinks in 2022

In today’s world cufflinks are becoming unnecessary, given that a majority of dress shirts are now sporting button-up cuffs. However, cufflinks do not necessarily have to be outdated, and could be a statement piece in an outfit that is modern. To reflect the look of an elegant gentleman, cufflinks are an essential element. They’re not only an attractive addition to any outfit but they’re also practical. As we approach celebration season, people around the world will be looking to break off the cufflinks to celebrate the festivities. This being said what are the best ways to integrate cufflinks in an outfit for 2022?

Table of Contents

  • When to Wear Cufflinks
  • Which Shirts Need Cufflinks?
  • How Do You Style Cufflinks?
  • Types of Cufflinks
  • Dos and Don’ts

When to Wear Cufflinks

In order to navigate Cufflinks in 2022, you need to first determine when it’s suitable to dress in cufflinks. They are typically meant to be worn on formal occasions such as weddings, however it is not uncommon for men to wear them in professional attire. If the suit or blazer are included, cufflinks may be included in the outfit.

Which Shirts Need Cufflinks?

The style of shirt you select will determine if cufflinks will be required, and it’s usually simple to calculate this. If your cuffs on the shirt you’re wearing don’t feature buttons, they’ll need to be secured in some method. This is usually done through Cufflinks.

How Do You Style Cufflinks?

The way you dress your cufflinks is contingent on the event for the event they’re worn. For instances, formal occasions require a formal dinner dress and plain cufflinks that are in a metallic color. For weddings, it is possible to show off your individuality by playing with style and hue. Also in the case of business ensure that you keep your designs simple and with a single metallic hue to keep a professional look.

Types of Cufflinks

The days are gone of Cufflinks that were one-dimensional. In today’s diverse fashion world there are a myriad of kinds of choices available that are available that range from customized and personalized cufflinks and mechanical cufflinks. Additionally you can choose from a wide range of designs that include stud chains, ball ends, chain and bullet back cufflinks. Stud cufflinks do not have moving parts, which makes them the most convenient choice for cufflinks. Like the name implies, chain cufflinks are connected by chains, which provides an easier fit and more traditional look. Ball-end cufflinks do not have moving parts and come with an elongated attachment. Additionally, bullet back cufflinks are the most popular style and come with a beautiful design.

Dos and Don’ts

Do you pair cufflinks and wedding dress.

Do you match your shirt’s studs with cufflinks, particularly for formal black tie events.

Do not own more than one cufflink if you’re a frequent suit-wearer.

Don’t forget to broaden your options when you are wearing cufflinks.

Don’t wear odd cufflinks.

Do not wear cufflinks without French cuffs.

Give cufflinks as a present.

Do not wear cufflinks that are novelty as they don’t fit with the traditional look that cufflinks give off.

Pick a clean and simple design that is made from top quality materials.

Cufflink Care and Maintenance

Cufflinks are a must they’re not as easy to purchase them and wear them. Because they’re typically made of high-quality metals, they need regular maintenance to stand the wear and tear of. Brass copper, brass platinum, gold patina and sterling silver are just a few of the metals on the market for cufflinks, and each of them comes with its own set demands. It is recommended to study the requirements of each type of metal prior to purchasing the cufflinks you choose. It is also important to take into consideration the color of these metals to determine if you’ll be able to make the most use of them.


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