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London HealthTech firm, Future Health Works was bought by HOPCo to reduce NHS surgical waiting times for elective procedures.

The new partnership will make the world’s most comprehensive connected MSK as well as surgical system and a world-class technology team based out of London.

The flagship London company Future Health Works (FHW) is well-known for its top platforms for patient engagement, myrecovery and It was purchased from Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo) which is the US market leader in the field of musculoskeletal (MSK) doctor practice management as well as outcomes management and value-based health solutions.

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FHW’s top-of-the-line patient engagement system supports healthcare professionals, patients hospitals, as well as public institutions to provide surgical treatment and manage waiting lists, improve care pathways and evaluate results. FHW began with orthopaedics surgery, but now provides all aspects of elective medical care. It was among the first hospitals to receive an early funding through the London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF) in 2015 to support the myrecoveryapplication.

The collaboration with HOPCo will allow the firm’s management team to concentrate on the development of new solutions to support the estimated seven million people waiting for elective healthcare waiting on NHS waiting lists while making use of HOPCo’s infrastructure for expansion throughout the USA. In the coming twelve years, FHW plans to significantly expand its London-based staff, making investments in data science as well as computer vision and engineering making use of the extensive scientific and technical talent pool London can offer.

The FHW programs, myrecovery and,have become the preferred patient engagement platform for top NHS hospital trusts and hospitals throughout the UK. The platforms are used on three continents and in eight languages, and have been used by a diverse variety of private and public health systems and Fortune 500 companies.

HOPCo has a current partnership with doctors and health care systems across over 30 states. It continues to work with healthcare providers across the US in the most advanced value-based health care programs, such as the nation’s first comprehensive MSK-focused, state-wide program in Arizona. The new technology will enhance the already extensive outcomes management system including claims analytics, clinical data as well as IT-based tools, which have enhanced clinical outcomes, the patients’ experience, and access to healthcare while decreasing the overall cost of MSK treatment and reducing historical trends in spending for payors across a variety of geographic regions.

Maggie Rodriguez Piza, CEO of Funding London and co-founder of LCIF said: “London’s investment has come full circle. myrecoverywas one of the initial investments The LCIF made in the field of digital health. Since since then, myrecovery has been expanded throughout all of UK, Europe and North America. For Europe and the UK, myrecoverycontinues to provide support to a variety of NHS trusts, and play crucial roles in aiding NHS hospitals overcome waiting lists following COVID. This partnership could create a significant number of jobs for London and is another indicator of London being a world-class AI and tech city.”

Tom Harte, co-founder of and a former surgical trainee stated: “We sought this partnership to strengthen our dedication for the NHS and speed up our roadmap for product development to ensure that we’re most suited to help NHS partners meet what is in the NHS Long Term Plan as well as face the additional challenges presented by rising costs, increased demand for care, and the backlog of elective surgeries after COVID 19. We’re fully dedicated to expanding our staff here in London and we are planning to create the world’s best gait-tracking laboratory in the city because the city is the best location to be than London..

He added: “By using HOPCo’s infrastructure and experience of connecting data technology, techniques and clinical care delivery, we will remain focused on our strengths and speed up the creation of value-based, patient-centric care delivery technology solutions. We are delighted to have the backing and experience provided by HOPCo to ensure we can replicate across the US the successes we’ve experienced with the UK and other countries.”

“Dr. Wael Barsoum, President and Chief Transformation Officer at HOPCo stated: “London is the tech center of Europe and is the world’s leading center in AI research. It’s the ideal location to establish an international research and analysis team. The use of mobile health applications for patients is crucial for improving quality outcomes, decrease cost, and enhance the value of healthcare delivery.

Myrecovery and the myrecovery and platforms are the only reliable and comprehensive solutions that permit both the patient and the provider to easily engage and satisfy all of these requirements.”


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