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It is the goal of collaborating with school PTO/As as well as personnel to create understudy pioneers by putting together an important, “bother free” and economically efficient school-sponsored fun race.

We Believe

Every child can alter their school and world around them, dramatically

Serving others brings you the most satisfaction and makes for the most wonderful of things.

Exercise and learning by doing are often undervalued and not utilized in today’s world of securing pledges

Excited and consolation for others. We can help build leaders.

Fund-raising to support your kid’s school could also be an enjoyable learning experience

The many people who give a little reduces the weight of the usual suppliers and contributors

Instructors Have Skin in the Game

Also, it creates highly enthusiastic and energetic instructors. The instructors will guide their homeroom groups to greater impressive heights knowing that in the end the majority of what the study hall brings in is passed on to the instructor to be used in their homeroom.

Amy’s Story

One time, the dear friend, Amy Donnell, spent more than $500 on food and supplies for her class in the first grade. There were cuts to spending for the school and, as an educator she was suffering a heavy burden on her budget. Furthermore, her school was fed up with the pledge drives that were based on item that did not offer learning opportunities to students who were not in the classroom. We’ve since teamed up with Amy to disrupt school raising support!


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