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Amazing technological advancements have revealed that cash-based transactions are old-fashioned and dangerous at the same time. It is impossible to keep the track of your cash payments history, and cash could be lost or stolen.

The best cash alternative cards simplifies life. We can track our transactions, keep track of our balance , and not need to think about saving money for a change. We do have to deal with the fear of losing our credit card but it can be secure by calling our customer support. We will provide you with information about the website mentioned about its benefits, and also how to get your account activated with it using a couple of simple steps.

What is Prepaidgiftbalance.Com?

One of the most recent types of cards that have become well-known is the prepaid gift card. They are, as the name suggests they are transactional cards with a limit amount of money that has already been paid by the cardholder. These cards aren’t able to be used at ATMs to take cash.

The cards are currently available from individual stores and can be used to buy from websites or stores. The most difficult part is keeping track of the balance of these cards. This is why the site was registered. is an online website to help you track the balance of some of your prepaid gift cards such as Visa and Mastercard gift cards online.

How to activate the card on Prepaidgiftbalance.Com?

Follow the easy steps to enable and sign in to the website:

Visit the official website.

* Sign up by entering all required information under the Register New User section.

To activate your account you must enter the 16-digit code on the card, along with the password you wish to create.

* Following an successful login and your first gift card purchase then you’ll be able check your balance as well as track the history of your payments.

Be aware that the cards and website are only available to the exclusive usage of citizens from the United States. The website and cards cannot be used for international purposes.

Customer Reviews:

Prepaidgiftbalance.Com was registered on Jan 26, 2016 and is quite popular with US residents.

Many people find the website extremely suspicious due to all the vital information it asks for. One user said that the site appears to be insufficient and that the website is not his intention of using it. A second user responded to the previous user by saying that the websites seem to be fraudulent and fake since the owner of the websites is not focused on them. They have frequented the site without issue. Comment section is below.

Final verdict:

Prepaidgiftbalance.Com is an online website used to track the balance of your prepaid gift cards. Only US residents are able to access it as it isn’t an international site. You are able to easily follow the steps listed to enable your card using it. It gives you easy access online to monitor and view the balance of your gift card prepaid.


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