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Seven steps to begin your own bath bomb business

If you’re considering setting up an enterprise of your own, making Bath bombs and other bath products, your dream could be realized provided you’re willing to invest time and effort to research.

We’ve provided the essential steps you must take to start your bath bombing business.

Table of Contents

  • Decide on your target market
  • Create product concepts
  • Think about the ingredients you’ll be using
  • Think about the packaging you will use
  • You need a license
  • Find insurance

Choose your market

There’s a wide range of bath bombs designs and styles that can be created and you’ll need to determine your niche, and the Unique Selling Point (USP) that will be appealing to the people you want to target. Bath Bomb makers are coming up with designs that go beyond simply spheres of water that melt and then dissolve.

There are many different markets you can target, which range from young children, beauty and health enthusiasts and those suffering from muscle pains and pains. There are endless possibilities and you must determine what your market is and investigation.

Develop ideas for products

Once you’ve determined the demographic you want to target You can now decide on the kind of bath bomb that you’d like to create. If you opt to make a bath bomb that resembles the idea of making bath bombs for children it is possible to design products with something of a gimmick like an arc of rainbows in the water, or a design for a bath bomb that is shaped to look like an animated character.

It is important to consider the colors and the scents of your products as well. Different customers will like different scents, so make sure to choose carefully when you are coming up with your initial concepts. If, for instance, you plan to create products on scents, it’s probably not a good choice to go with artificial scents or colorful colors.

Think about the ingredients you’ll make use of

After you’ve decided on the type of products you want to make, examine the kinds of ingredients you’d like to use. Most bath bombs consist from citric acid, baking soda, and cornstarch. The possibilities of scent, colour, and form are limitless. If you’ve created an outline of your products’ ideas then you’ll have an idea of the ingredients you’ll require like essential oils such as scent oils or coloring agents.

Be sure to study the ingredients prior to buying the products. The best oils might cost more over other types of oils however it means you can give your customers top-quality bath bombs. It is also important to think about various shapes of moulds as well.

Make sure you think about your packaging

Ideally the packaging you choose should be branded with the brand’s style on the outside. It could be as easy as the name of your company and color scheme, or the patterns or designs. The most important thing to include on the product is a tag with ingredients, hazards pictograms as well as allergen and the information of your supplier.

Labels that include this information will ensure that you are CLP certified and is required when bath bombs include essential oils. It is essential to be sure that you follow the guidelines for cosmetic safety to ensure that the products you create are suitable for humans to use in particular if you’re developing products for infants or people with skin problems.

Consider obtaining the Cosmetic safety report. It is composed of a set of tests that test the stability, toxicity and shelf-life as well as the effectiveness of preservatives. The standards of trading may ask you to submit this document which is why it’s crucial to keep it in your possession.

Get a licence

If you want to market your product, you’ll be required to get an Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) that is required for all cosmetics that come in contact with skin.

Get insurance

It is crucial to are insured for your bath bombs protected by comprehensive craft insurance policies. You must have the two policies Public Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance to safeguard yourself against lawsuits against your company or you personally.

If your product is causing any type of harm to members of the general public or a third-party property it could make you accountable for that harm. That’s the reason it’s important having an insurance contract to ensure your safety should the need arise.

Determine where you would like to market your product

You’ve come up with your own product line, acquired a license and insurance, you’ve made your bath bombs, and they’re ready to sell. The next step is finding out where you’d like to sell your product. Bath bomb manufacturers sell their products on websites like Folksy, Etsy, Depop and Not On The Highstreet. Selling online is simple, however you should consider the cost of selling.

You could also set up an stall at one of the craft market. It’s a great way to showcase your business and gives you the chance to speak to people who might not feel comfortable purchasing products on the internet. Be aware that if you intend to participate in craft fairs, then you’ll require insurance for craft fairs in order to market your items.

Bath bombs are inexpensive, however the customization possibilities are endless, and that’s why numerous have turned making bath bombs into an enticing business. For more details, check out CraftCover’s guide to starting an Bath Bomb Business.


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