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Simplyhealth invests heavily in Ampersand Health

The most reputable dental and health insurance provider Simplyhealth announced that it has made an investment in Ampersand which is a provider of digital therapies to treat inflammation-related conditions.

This partnership will accelerate the introduction of digital therapeutics in the UK by reducing the number of outpatient visits and improving health outcomes, as well as making it easier to avoid visit to the hospital for those with a variety of inflammatory diseases.

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Ampersand aids patients and clinicians to monitor and treat chronic, inflammatory illnesses like Crohn’s disease, arthritis and Psoriasis. The organization, established just four years ago and rapidly growing is working with clinicians, scientists and hundreds of top NHS Trusts using behavioral science-based treatments that enhance the quality of life and mental health. They also establish “hospital at home” pathways which increase the capacity of hospitals by 30-50% while reducing A&E visits by 89%..

This innovative technology was created in collaboration in collaboration with Barts Health and King’s College Hospital NHS Trusts and with help from Innovate UK, NHSX and many national charitable organisations.

Dr Sneh Khemka the director at Simplyhealth stated: “At Simplyhealth we strive to speed up the development and use of predictive and preventative medical practices within the UK and on platforms like Ampersand are leading the way in the development of this new paradigm in healthcare. With innovative technologies like Ampersand We are helping patients with chronic health issues to manage their health. Together with OcuPlan and Ampersand, we could not be more thrilled to see these startups within the Simplyhealth ecosystem.”

Nader Alaghband, co-founder as CEO and Co-Founder for Ampersand stated: “600m people worldwide live in a state of inflammation. These illnesses place a substantial lifetime burden on patients and the health systems around them. We’re excited to tackle these issues in collaboration with – and investing from Simplyhealth. We’re certain that our common determination to put the patient at the center of their healthcare will boost our impact, and result in significant financial benefits.”


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