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The 7 Best Solar Companies in California in 2022

California is famous for its sun — from the cloudless skies that encircle Los Angeles to the sun-kissed beaches of San Diego. It is possible to benefit from this abundant source of renewable energy through switching over to solar power and saving money on your energy bills. Based on various factors like the solar provider that you deal with, you might be able to turn profits through your solar panel.

With California’s vast environment, different solar companies are able to meet the goals and needs of various California homeowners. The Home Media reviews team have done extensive research about the top solar firms across America. United States. This guide will allow you to discover the top solar companies located in California and carefully compare the costs, savings potential and options for panels.

The prices quoted in this review refer to professional installation of a 5 kilowatt (kW) installation. This is the typical size of an U.S. residential solar system.

California’s Top Solar Energy Companies

Based on our findings and research These are the most effective solar firms located in California:








Momentum Solar

  • Garantie:25 years
  • Average Cost:$20,000

Pros and cons Momentum Solar

+Has an on-site concierge service that takes care of all the necessary permit paperwork and assists you in registering for savings programs offered by the government.

+ Offers seven different solar panel brands

+In-house solar batteries are offered in California

Doesn’t offer quotes or pricing on the internet

() Has mixed reviews from customers

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Rating: Our pick for a simple integration 4.5/5

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Momentum Solar details

If you’re concerned that the switch to solar is too challenging, Momentum Solar is an great option. The company that installs solar panels is focused on making the transition to solar energy simple and fun, and takes care of everything in-house from designing to financing. Momentum also provides a wide array of solar panels from various manufacturers. This choice will help Momentum to further tailor your system to meet your energy requirements.

Momentum’s prices are slightly more expensive than its competitors, due to its primary focus on offering a full in-house solar experience and offering its services to states that have an established net-metering program.

Net-metering permits you to “sell” the unused power the solar system produces back to the grid. The local utility company will apply the amount that you metered in the form of solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) on the future bills for electricity.


  • Audits to ensure energy efficiency
  • Consultation
  • Electric vehicle charging system
  • Mobile app
  • Optional service package
  • Solar panel installation
  • Design and survey
  • Monitoring of the system
  • 25-year warranty on output

Options for payment:Momentum Solar customers can purchase their solar panels with either a lump-sum or solar loan. Similar to a home renovation and auto loans, when you take out solar loans you pay a monthly cost to hold the panels, while receiving additional solar incentive programs.

You can be able to lease Momentum panels or sign an Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the service provider. Through a solar lease you get solar power without the ownership of the panels with a monthly fixed cost. With the PPA it is an annual fee that is dependent on the amount the energy that your solar panels leased produce, which is similar to the amount you pay for an electric bill. Both options are essentially any upfront cost. They do, however, constitute third-party ownership, which will exclude you from state-based or federal incentives for solar.


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