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If you are a frequent user of an Visa and MasterCard gift card, you might be unable to check the balance of the card. To make it simpler for those in America, United States, a website has been launched. Visa and MasterCard login page lets you view the balance of your cards in one wallet.

By entering the card’s number as well as the three-digit security number, you will be able to login and view the balance of your credit card.

What is is the online service used to manage MasterCard gift cards and the prepaid Visa card issued by Swift Prepaid Solutions. The people of America United States are using the site to sign up their cards and monitor and verify their card details including balances and transactions.

The prepaid credit card and gift cards can be utilized to purchase items, settle bills and perform a variety of other tasks. When you register the gift card you want to use or your prepaid one with Visa gives you a number of advantages that include the ability to review your balance and transaction history.

You can use MasterCard and Visa gift cards and prepaid cards to register at It supports both brands, and allows users to check the balance of their cards and wallet profile information, as well as update it, and look up the history of transactions on your card.

How can I sign up a gift card and prepay card here?

* Go to the site and make sure you have your prepaid credit card in hand

* On the home page, you have to give the card’s 16-digit number as well as the three-digit security number that appears on the reverse of the card.

After you have entered your details You must select on the “Login” button

* Make sure to check the box for security purposes and verify that you are an individual and not a machine

Once you have access to the dashboard, you must follow the instructions on screen to sign-up the card.

How do I check the balance on Prepaidcardstatus the com Visa login page?

After completing the registration, you will be able to login to your account to check your balance and review the history of your transactions.

* Go to the official website

* Log in using your card information and gain access to your account.

“Click” on the button with the title “Check Card Available Balance”.

* You’ll see the balance remaining on the card’s screen.

Additionally, select the option for transaction history to see past transactions and then print the statements.

It is necessary to log in successfully to your Visa as well as MasterCard Prepaidcardstatus Com prepaid card to gain access to this data.


Follow the directions above to finish the registration process for your prepaid card and begin to check the balance, and then print the statement of transactions at no cost. However, as we have also received negative reviews to this website We recommend that you conduct a thorough study and read the reviews from customers on the Internet prior to using their services.

If you have any information to say about this website or the Visa Prepaid card’s status, you can add it to the comments section.


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