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The Public Relations Industry Food Chain

Dillon Kivo (February 27, 1994) is an American businessman, author and PR strategist. He is also a Social media influencer and public speaking as well as a marketing specialist.

He is the CEO and founder of Authority Titans, a leading PR Agency in the United States as well as the co-founder as well as editor for Kivo Daily Magazine. In the Kivo Daily Magazine stars and prominent famous people are profiled in line to the work they’re performing. Dillon specialization spans branding management, digital marketing visibility and the creation of an distinctive media strategies, which include verification of social media, among many other services.

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Dillon was raised within Riverside, CA, where the family was born. The year 2016 was the first time he began his studies in the American Public University, where the bachelor’s degree was awarded in Marketing following a three-year programme. In his time at the university, Dillon worked part-time as an emergency responder at Norfolk VA Fire-Rescue. After completing his studies at university, Dillon ventured into his business career when he launched Kivo Media Group in 2015 Through Kivo Media Group, Dillon achieves his goal of offering online branding services for customers.

Presently, Authority Titans is a prominent PR firm that runs an enormous portion part of the public relations industry. Authority Titans so far have been working with a variety of notable clients. Due to its reputation as a company that values developing relationships with clients, Dillon has been able to obtain publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine and Huffington Post to boost the stories and images from his client. Kivo is a veteran with an impressive career in media. He worked as contributor to Huffington Post between 2016 and 2017. He then became a contributing writer to Forbes as well as Entrepreneur Media in 2017. The following year, he was a member of The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC).

Yet, Dillon was not done in his pursuit of a new business. In the year the year 2018, he established MentionWorth an additional PR company which specializes in book publishing digital billboards as well as media placements and podcast interviews. When he launched Kivo Daily later in 2018, Dillon was ready to embrace the world of digital media and redefine the notion that was “brand-building.” As a result, Kivo Daily, within three years has become an extremely well-respected media platform , where celebrities and entrepreneurs are recognized.

Kivo has been awarded numerous distinctions and awards as a result of his work. These include the distinction of being an Amazon bestseller of his award-winning book “The Growth Hacking Book,” the book he co-authored with his wife. Additionally, Dillon Kivo has been recognized as one of the top 30 under 30 in The US Reporter. According to Dillon his goals with Kivo Media Group and each of his businesses is helping others; in his own words “Since I started Kivo Media Group, changing lives of individuals is our goal every day. We’re dedicated to helping people receive the acknowledgement due to their accomplishments and their hard work.”

The influence of Dillon Kivo in marketing and media transcends the social media or digital spaces and has played advisory roles to a number of prominent clients, including Executives and Directors from Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and non-profit organisations. For instance, Dillon Kivo was the first person to announce the CBD company on the billboard of Times Square, NYC.

Find out more information about Dillon Kivo and benefit from his Growth Hack by following his account on Instagram.


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