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The Rise During The Coronavirus Pandemic

It is not a surprise that addiction and mental health are inextricably linked. However, this problem was made more acute by the spread of the coronavirus. The situation reached the level where people needed to stay in their homes in order to prevent the risk of transmission.

A lack of social connections and feeling isolated may be a contributing factor to mental illness that is already present. The condition also triggered new disorders during the between the year 2020 and present. The demand for mental health and addiction services is greater than ever before.

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The pandemic of drug use and addiction

The use of drugs in and of itself been increasing during the epidemic. One reason was that people were looking for things to do, and boredom grown. Particularly when they had to deal with the dilemma of being forced to stay at in their homes.

If they were diagnosed with an illness of mental health before and if they did, the took drugs to cope. In no way is this an exception it also coincided with the epidemic of opioids that has killed a number of thousands individuals over the course of more than a decade.

Certain people are unable to ease their stress which results by the disease. The use of alcohol and drugs was thought as the means of coping that people would prefer to use instead of treatment or other methods of alternative. If they’re on their own they’re likely to die of an overdose of a drug because there is no one else in the vicinity to call 911 or administer Narcan.

Individuals who live on their own are at a higher risk of suffer a fatal overdose from a drug. Additionally without anyone within their immediate surroundings, such as relatives or roommates or roommate, they might be impacted by the fact that they have no person to speak to.

It could be the most dangerous situation to be in when you require an advocate about an illness or personally trauma. But, using current technology could be beneficial in times when individuals may feel isolated.

The internet makes healthcare easier to access

The increase in accessibility makes things simpler and will remain this way long in the aftermath of the epidemic. Many mental health and medical establishments offer telemedicine through their websites. If you are connected to the Internet and an compatible device, you’ll be able to access the assistance and accessibility you require.

The majority of websites have services accessible all day all week long. This means you won’t need to fret about lengthy wait times or dealing with any appointments that are scheduled the following day due closing. There is no reason why anyone should be waiting for mental health care services, even if they require the help at what think is the ideal moment (when they’re at most vulnerable).

The impact it has on teenagers

One age group in which mental health problems and addiction issues saw increased incidences was youngsters aged 18-40. The pandemic was a time when more than three quarters of the people who were part of Generation Z had reported mental health problems.

More than 60 percent of Millennials have reported mental health problems and 35 % of Generation X and 22 % of Boomers have experienced similar. However, Millennials seem be the most affected by this since they experienced an increase of 6 percent since the epidemic started.

In the case of 60 percent Millenials 10% of them had pre-existing mental health issues prior to the outbreak. In the past two years, this rate grew by 16 percent. This includes those who are employed and who have complained of low productivity because of mental health problems.

In this way mental health problems are a good foundation for those who might find substance abuse as their “output to deal with the personal traumas and other incidents which may be contributing to their mental health. The most alarming thing is the fact that Generation Z has the highest amount of cases.

Young adults and teenagers being at risk of drug dependence, the amount of cases reported, and even overdose deaths could increase due to this. This is the reason why detox and rehab centers must prepare for the surge of people who are seeking assistance.

While the restrictions are mostly lifted, other mental health and medical institutions may have some remaining restrictions. Because of this, access and the possibility of getting people the assistance they require isn’t certain.

Even when people are being refused treatment at facilities in which they require in-person therapy there is hope. lost. They have access to the most effective mental health treatment they can get. Telemedicine expands access.

In addition, the space for treatment for mental health issues could be utilized for the most extreme situations. However, no one is to be denied the help they need, no matter what. If they’re dealing with the lower levels or advanced stage addiction, assistance should be offered to those in need.

Final Thoughts

Mental health concerns and addiction to drugs have increased in the course of the pandemic. It occurred at a point where access to therapeutic services was limited. As things shift back to pre-pandemic guidelines There are some adjustments that remain in place.

Access to mental health care is increasing. But, there is the need to make sure that everyone has access to medical attention, be it to treat their mental health issues or their addiction to drugs. No one should be denied access.

The mental health and detox facilities should be ready for the potential for a massive number of people looking to help them improve themselves and live a more fulfilling life.


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