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The Swingers Symbol: What’s it?

There are some who say it is impossible to distinguish swingers when in public. If one person is trying to draw attention to the other swinger, there aren’t any signs that they can use. Some people would like to know if the individuals they know or others who are around them are also swingers (friends or neighbors, colleagues, etc.). The swinger community has the same symbol, which can draw others to potential partners. And even if they’ve had sexual relations with someone outside of their own life, it isn’t required to be associated with any person. They’re just as selective as any other to choose their partners. There is a particular symbol for them too and they can use it to make contact with other swingers. It could be an anime-style female drawing. Let’s consider what some of the swinger’s symbols to spot swingers across the globe are.

1. Pampas grass

Pampas grass serves as an indication it is the case that the proprietor of the property is a person who enjoys a lively life style. This grass’s scientific name is Cortaderia Selloana and acts as a secret code as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Recently, it has revealed an increase in sales.

2. Pineapples

Swingers send messages to communicate their identity. They also search for potential partners in the same way as pineapples. For many years pineapples have symbolized the warmth of hospitality and open-mindedness. When they are displayed, the mailbox symbolizes that a swinger’s party is going on and when it is left upside down, it indicates that they are searching for one.

3. The Swing

The majority of people who wear black accessories, such as bracelet, ring or amulet. This indicates that the individual is a party animal and is trying to be open. Some people also wear accessories back as fashion and without understanding the significance that they are referring to. Therefore, the term “swingers” refers to the addition of the symbol ‘THE SWING’ to their items to make it easy for other swingers to recognize them and quickly, much like Diamond Painting France.

4. Black rings in black

Many wear rings of black on their right hand to indicate the fact that they’re swingers. They love their life style. These hidden signs can help you recognize other partygoers in the group. In these gatherings and other occasions, it’s beneficial to look out for other signs like this one in the left hand. If a person with that black circle to the left is able to approach you and begins talking with you, that means they’re interested in you and are recognizing that you are a friend of theirs.

5. Decoration

Be on the lookout for home decorations and other garden decors could help identify a person who is an individual who swings. Swingers prefer to have pink or white stones in their garden to signal that they are willing to meet other swingers. They can also include pineapples. Garden gnomes also indicate that someone is swinging.

6. Hot tubes

Do you notice hot tubes in your garden? It could also indicate that you are in a swinger’s mindset. Another indicator of an attitude of swing is the fact that they do not open the garage doors. Only when they’re in their car and the garage door is shut.

7. Wristbands

The wristbands to show their interest in lifestyle. They have the symbol of their choice. Sometimes, it needs extra attention to recognize the one.


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