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Tipping Guidelines for Your Yacht Charter in Dubai

When on a yacht charter in Dubai, many of our clients are curious about the custom of tipping. Here are some recommendations for tipping when renting a yacht in Dubai.

What is the customary gratuity on a Dubai yacht rental?

Depending on the location and the yacht, tips on a yacht charter in Dubai typically range from 5 to 15% of the base charter fee.

The crew of a yacht charter typically receives extremely rewarding salaries in anticipation of long work hours and high demands.

They are also expected to provide a high calibre of service. The guest’s satisfaction onboard could be fully achieved through individualized work such as food and beverage service during regular hours and jet-ski instruction.

Tipping therefore depends on the client. The tips are a nice gesture from the customers and are not a part of the crew’s pay.

How to handle tips when renting a yacht in Dubai

The captain of the yacht for rent in Dubai should always receive the tip in cash. He will then distribute it to the rest of the crew.

The best course of action in cases involving larger yachts, which entail more expensive base rates, would be to place a sum equal to 15 to 20 percent of the base charter rate in escrow along with the Dubai Yacht rental.

Therefore, remember to include the amount for the tip that will be given to the crew when creating your vacation budget. If necessary, our yacht charter agents can provide more information on this subject.

Tipping is also expected if you choose to host a gathering on one of our yachts for rent, whether it is wedding, corporate events, or a family reunion for two to 500 people.

Since the tipping amount is optional and should be given based on the quality of service received, there are no standards in these situations.

What is the proper way to tip?

As mentioned above, the captain should receive all tips and distribute them to the crew members. And the reason for that is that there are crew members who aren’t as noticeable during your voyage but who still put in just as much effort to make sure you have a wonderful time aboard.

We invite you to get in touch with our yacht cruise Dubai marina if you want to learn more about tipping on a yacht charter in Dubai or to plan your vacation or event with us.


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