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Top 10 ways to keep your small business alive during Quarantine

The Coronavirus virus has probably affected everyone throughout the world. It doesn’t matter if your company provides services or goods because of this epidemic your company is in many difficulties. Whatever your business’s size, it’s being affected. Although, the Coronavirus continues to cause havoc across the country, it’s evident that it won’t take your business down. In order to get over the threat, it’s essential to put in some efforts to grow your company.

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If you’re dealing with main issues that ensure your business is alive in the midst of this epidemic, We have provided below 10 methods to ensure your small business stays in good health during this quarantine.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Examine your current business environment by comparing it to the standard one
  • b). Increase your SEO strategy
  • c). You must be able to connect online
  • d). Keep in contact with your clients via social media
  • e). Be aware of your competition
  • f). Beguiling offers on special offers
  • g). Create Structure and Procedures
  • h). Utilize the discounts you can get to maximize your profit
  • i). Make sure you update your Media and website accounts
  • j). Help your Clients
  • Conclusion

1. Compare your current business situation against the typical one

At this crucial moment it is important to examine where you are paying more and which expenses can be avoided. When you are in this situation, it is important to control your expenses so that you earn a profit and keep your company. A lot of businesses have a lot of expenses. This is the ideal moment to manage your business effectively. As a business owner you’re not going to compromise quality, so make sure to do an informed decision prior to deciding on any improvement.

b). Increase your SEO strategy

Since you’re blessed with plenty of time available and your family, you could take some time to develop the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Making improvements to your SEO strategy can help your business more successful. Most people spend most of their time on the internet, so this is the most effective method to enhance your SEO strategy to ensure you can have more visitors visit your site.

c). You must be able to connect on the internet

Since we are all within our homes and not even going to the shops outside, it’s evident that consumers will need assistance from online services. This is the reason that now is the ideal moment to be online, then you’re in a position to make yourself available to your customers online. Being present is not just a way to increase the profits of your business but it will also expand the reach of your customers. Also, search traffic has been increasing during this epidemic. This is likely to result in higher consumption than ever before, which is currently available online. It is essential to make sure that you’re using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to boost number of searches to help your business increase its growth quickly.

d). Keep in touch with your clients through social media

We all face an unsettling situation where we must stay in our homes and take the precautions required. We can’t go to shops to shop, or even visit our relatives and friends. So, this is the perfect moment to show your customers by being available to assist them via social media. Many people are using social media when they are at home, so this allows your brand to remain in contact to your customers. There’s no reason to create promotional content. simply letting them know to stay safe is a great idea for your business.

e). Be aware of your competition

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Keep your friends close and your enemies close” The same principle should be done during this time too. It is essential to keep an eye on the social media profiles of your competitors to see what innovations and new products strategies they have come up with to deal with the outbreaks that threaten their company. You must implement effective SEO strategies, to ensure that when a user searches for certain keywords, your company appears at the top on Google’s search engine’ Results Pages (SERPs).

f). Special offers that entice you with their attractiveness

In the case of a small-sized business, it’s almost impossible to attract the typical amount of pedestrian traffic, therefore, in this instance it is always possible to offer special deals to boost the revenue of your company.

g). Create Structure and Procedures

There will be some adjustments through the organization of communications, contacts as well as contingency planning. Start by making an inventory of all the individuals with whom you will need to talk during this period. Then, you must divide them into lists of different types such as employees, consumers and supply chains, for example.

h). Make use of the discounts you can get to maximize your profit

This is the best moment to entice long-term purchases by offering discounts. Discounts are always a way to encourage buyers to purchase goods or services. Offer discounts on current services or add discounts on products you believe people would be most likely purchase.

i). Update your website and media accounts

The constant updating of your social media and website accounts will let your customers think that you’re focusing in your company and are doing everything you can to remain afloat. Inform your customers about new products you’ve got to offer, and also keep in touch with your customers to ensure they aren’t missing any of the products offered from your company. You could also give special deals to your customers to increase your sales and increase your profits.

j). Help your Clients

Giving your customers a helping hand is the most effective method to sustain your business through this period of quarantine. Engaging with your customers by offering them with home delivery service that is absolutely free can help your company. Giving away the free gifts and food items or other products to your customers will show that you don’t only value your business’s growth, but are also interested in your clients personally. Your customers will be grateful in the near future and surely be able to trust you in these difficult times.


Whatever the situation, it is difficult for us all However, all we need to remember is that it will be over. In order to boost your business’s performance to the next level, take a look at these tips that will help keep your business expanding even in this difficult period.


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