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UK factories prepare for rationing of energy this winter, amid concerns Russia could shut off the water

The possibility of energy rationing is in the near future as British factory owners experiencing a lack of access in their energy supply.

There is a growing concern that Russia might strategically block gas to Europe and the Kremlin already blocking supplies to various countries and businesses across the continent that refuse the gas price in the form of roubles.

Fares for buses in England will be set to PS2 between January to March

The requirement for roubles was an act of retaliation against Western sanctions against Russia following their invasion into Ukraine.

National Grid has told energy firms that it might issue “involuntary” energy restrictions if other measures of emergency like payments to turn off machinery fail to cut consumption to sustainable levels as per The Telegraph.

The FTSE 100 corporation that manages Britain’s gas pipelines and has issued the warning about rationing in discussions with owners of power stations, in preparation for the coldest winter months of the year.

It is scheduled to meet the major energy companies like SSE, Exxon, Equinor and RWE this Thursday to discuss the issue of emergency payments to industrial customers.

“If demand curtailment is required, it is currently expected to be involuntary via the emergency procedures” It was stated in the documents that were seen by the newspaper and released prior to the meeting on Thursday.

It also wants to hear from customers and suppliers about the commercial terms will “stimulate participation.”

Power generators are a part of the discussions, however the plan is thought to be “more suitable” for large industrial users.

The biggest customers of electricity and gas include manufacturers like Tata Steel, British Glass, CF Fertilisers, Ineos as well as Jaguar Land Rover – however it’s not known which companies participated in the discussions.


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