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Unite has confirmed Royal Mail manager strike from 20 July

More than 22,000 Royal Mail managers will strike in the coming month, as the fight over jobs and pay reductions continues to afflict the Royal Mail.

The Unite trade union announced today afternoon that strike action will immediately affect mail and parcel delivery service in the UK and strikes are scheduled to occur between the 20th and 22nd of July.

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Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham said: “This business is inundated with cash, but it’s placing dividends and profits for those at the top above its duties as a public servant.

“Our members are determined to force the business to take a different path.”

Commenting on the results of the vote A Royal Mail spokesperson said it was “disappointed” about the planned move, despite being in talks about the issue with union members since the beginning of November 2021 over the elimination of 700 managerial positions.

“There are no reasons to take industrial strike. The long-running consultation about the recent restructuring of our company ended earlier this year and the restructuring is now complete. We pledged to protect pay for all managers who remain at Royal Mail, and the majority of them have noticed increases in their income” The spokesperson stated.

We let managers apply for voluntary redundancy and an amount of up to two years’ pay that was a bit over-subscribed. We also offered a number of concessions during the process which Unite refused.

The company did say the existence of a contingency strategy to reduce the disruption that could cause delays in delivery.

This news is yet another blow to Royal Mail, which is waiting on its Communication Workers Union’s (CWU) vote results on the 19th of July. The outcome of this decision could see more than 115,000 workers are on striking this year.


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