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Ways to Prevent the Drains from Getting Clogged

Who doesn’t like a clean environment? Everyone notices cleanliness and loves a clean home and work environment. Overall cleanliness of every building is directly linked with its drainage system. If the drain gets clogged, it can cause not only water damage but also cost you high plumbing costs. To prevent the drains from getting clogged, you should read this article :

Never Let Solid Particles Enter The Drain Holes

Think about the root causes of any problem, and you are near to the solution. Likewise, it would be best to acknowledge the reasons for clogged drains. Some people ignore the solid food particles going into drain holes when dishwashing. These solid particles stay in the drain hole and become a chunk of blockage in the drainage system. Next time before dishwashing, remove all the solid food particles and dispose of them in a dustbin. 

Do Not Dispose of Oil in Your Kitchen Sink

Many people believe that oil is a liquid and you can dispose of it in your kitchen sink. Oil damages the drainage system more quickly than any other thing. When oil enters the drain hole, it starts becoming a sticky substance that causes an uneven flow in drain holes, and the drain gets clogged .sometimes, due to oil disposal, the drain clogging gets severe; in such a situation, hire a professional plumber.

Ensure No Hair and Pieces of Soap Get into The Drain Hole

The root causes are not limited to the kitchen. When taking a shower, you might have observed your hair fall. The hair is very dangerous for washroom drains. While taking a bath, your hair fall appears thinner but becomes a thicker blockage when they get into the drain hole. Meanwhile, sometimes soap gets slipped out of your hand, and if the drain hole is not covered, soap gets inside the drain hole. You can imagine the size of a soap and how badly it can clog a drain. It would be best to replace soap with shower gels or body wash. Before taking a bath, if the drain is not covered, let it cover with its lid. Take out all the hair from the washroom and dispose of the hair in the dustbin

Keep the Outside Drain Holes Covered 

As discussed above, washroom drains get clogged due to uncovered drain holes. Keep an eye on the drains outside your house, such as the terrace, garden, and backyard. The chances of outside uncovered drains getting clogged are higher because anything can enter the drain hole. Only an expert plumber can fix such repairs. So ensure that all the drains are covered.

Use Drain Cleaning Agents Once a Week

Frequent drain cleaning is required for a sustainable drainage system. You put high-intensity acids in the drains of your house once a week. Take precautions like covering your face while putting acids in the drain holes. If you have disposed of oil mistakenly, put one bucket of hot water into the drain hole imminently. If you find any severe plumbing problems, contact a plumber immediately.


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