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Welzo: A New Med-tech Startup That Is Taking the UK Healthcare System By Storm

The UK’s healthcare system is a hotbed of political debate. With the NHS’s failings becoming more obvious, more people are turning to private healthcare options.

Average UK patients have to wait more than 15 days for an appointment via the NHS. Wait times for specialist consultations average over 8 weeks.

40,000 BT employees on strike

Welzo, a disruptive healthcare platform that aims to make healthcare affordable and fast, is here to help.

Their catchy slogan is Healthcare without waiting rooms.

What is Welzo exactly? What do they offer?

Their website states that they provide an integrated, all-in-one healthcare solution that is easy to use and fast.

Personalised Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Welzo’s primary offerings include their private and home diagnostic. Customers can also track their biomarkers using a subscription model. Simple saliva samples or finger prick home tests can be used to help identify predispositions. Their wellman blood test will show whether they have testosterone, estrogen and vitamin d. A patient can be given steps to improve their vitamin d levels if they are found deficient. After a patient completes a lifestyle consultation, Welzo uses AI to determine the most important biomarkers that need to be tested. This is a new approach to blood testing, which has traditionally relied on either a standard doctor’s advice or a request for a profile.

Additionally, customers can order supplements and treatments from Welzo if they find out that they need a particular treatment based upon their test results.

Welzo offers an online pharmacy catalog with over 1000 types of medications and treatments. It is one of the largest in the UK. The customer will not have to order prescriptions from another provider, which simplifies the ordering process.

But integration doesn’t stop there.

Customers and patients who sign up for Welzo can access their health hub learning center, which provides recommendations and information about their health based on the results of their health tests. Every month, hundreds of articles from doctors are published to the Welzo Health Hub. These pieces help educate and improve patients’ lifestyle choices.

This includes connecting healthcare providers to patients registered on the Welzo Platform. It also allows for the provision of state-of the-art diagnostic and lab tests across the globe that are generally not accessible by the public. Welzo patients can also be connected to their local doctors, GPs, pharmacies, and other healthcare service providers, creating a holistic end-to-end solution.

Welzo Gets Support from the HMI Group

HMI Group has provided significant support and investment to Welzo. HMI Group is rumoured be integrating a prominent GP consultation platform into its latest venture.

Welzo’s concept is simple: To remove the complexity and wait times associated with traditional healthcare systems. It provides patients with instant access to their most urgent healthcare needs via an easy-to use online platform.

Welzo is definitely a startup worth watching. The platform’s concept and technology is something the healthcare industry has been looking for. It offers a new and innovative approach to an old system. It is expected to have a significant impact on the future of healthcare if it can reduce wait times and provide accurate, personalised treatments and tests for patients.


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