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Who is Liz Truss? The new UK prime minister will succeed Boris Johnson

There are echoes of the Iron Lady — as Margaret Thatcher was known – within Liz Truss’ vision of the “network of liberty” binding democracies across the globe.

As a young girl, Liz Truss had marched in protests in protest against Conservative the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

At the age of 18, she began to admire the first British female leader. And in the near future, she will take over No. 10, Downing Street with a Thatcherite determination to change the UK.

Truss who is Britain’s Foreign Secretary, has been announced as the winner of the competition on Monday to succeed scandal-plagued Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and as the country’s prime minister.

The party claimed Truss got the votes from 57 percent to 57 percent from Conservative members, as opposed to around 43 percent of former Treasury Chief Rishi Sunak.

Truss 47, who was born in 1947 Truss, 47, will be Britain’s third female premier after Thatcher was in office from 1979 to 1990 as well as Theresa May, who held the post from 2016 until 2019.

Conservative Party members have embraced Truss promises to cut red tape and taxes, and continue to show Britain’s unwavering backing for Ukraine.

To critics, Truss is an inflexible politician whose right-wing views won’t aid in helping Britain to weather the financial turmoil caused through the pandemic Brexit as well as Russia’s attacks against Ukraine.

Rise to become Britain’s most powerful diplomat

born to Oxford from 1975 to 1975. Mary Elizabeth Truss is the daughter of a math professor as well as nurse. In a speech in 2018 she stated that she was making her own political choices in the early years, “arguing against my socialist parents in our left-wing household.”

Truss was a student at Oxford University, where she was a student of philosophy, politics and economics, the choice of many hopeful politicians and was the president of the Oxford division from the Liberal Democratic Party.

She was a local councilor within London and was unsuccessfully running for Parliament two times before she was chosen to be a member of the Eastern England seat in Southwest Norfolk in 2010.

Truss was appointed to her first Cabinet position as the secretary for food and environment in 2014. She made her greatest impression in a scathing speech that she declared that it was “a disgrace” that Britain imports two-thirds of its cheese.

In the British referendum of 2016 on whether or not to leave the European Union, Truss backed the losing “remain” side, though she has said that she was an ardent euroskeptic. Since then she has managed to win over Brexiteers through her firm stance towards the EU.

She was made justice secretary however, she was relegated to a less senior position within the Treasury by the end of May 2017.

In the year Boris Johnson replaced May, Johnson was appointed Truss the trade secretary. It was a position where she instagrammed her way across the globe signing trade agreements after Brexit and boosting her public profile.

She was named foreign secretary, the country’s top diplomat.

Review mixed

Her performance has received mixed reviews.

Many praise her strong response to the war between Russia and Ukraine and she secured that two British citizens imprisoned in Iran which her predecessors not succeeded.

However, EU officials and leaders who had hoped that she would be a more tolerant person to the British relationship with the EU have been disappointed.

As a result of trade disputes, Truss introduced legislation to dismantle sections of the binding UK-EU divorce agreement that was signed by both parties. The 27-nation bloc is now taking legal actions against Britain in exchange.

Conservatives have adopted Truss his optimistic vision of a more free society by a smaller government, but the general British electorate could be more difficult to convince.


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